Wedding Videography

Every story is distinctive and we pride ourselves on telling your story, not just any story.

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Our Process

It’s your big day, the last thing you need to worry about is if someone remembered to hit record. With our state of the are video equipment, extensive preparation process and experience with covering live events, you’ll be able to enjoy your day and focus on what really matters.

We’re booking up to 2 years in advance, so reach out today!

We’ll walk through the entire process with you from shot checklists to style of video to unique family situations.

Cinematic Short Film

A cinematic short film captures your story, emotions, and the unique details of your unforgettable day. We hand-pick special moments from your full wedding day, key speeches or toasts, beautiful shots of your venue and put together a 4-6 minute cinematic film. Our creative and cinematic approach to filming along with our storytelling in editing allows us to create a beautiful memory that will last forever.

Feature Film

Upgrading to a Feature Film from a Short Film may be a great idea as it includes more content from your wedding day extending your Wedding Film to 10-12 memorable minutes. The Feature Film builds on the Short Film and digs deeper into your wedding day story including more footage especially from your ceremony and reception.
Do you like both film lengths? You can book both! This allows you to enjoy a short film that is shared online within 3 weeks and a film that is more complete and includes more from your wedding.

Live Broadcasting

Have family that can’t make it? No worries! We have the ability to let them watch a live, fully-produced, multi-camera version of your wedding.

Additional Videographer

Have a large ceremony planned? We’d recommend extra hands to capture more angles and more shots of your guests.

Hype Video

Want a to get everyone pumped up for your big day? Nothing better than hype video of your relationship to send out before the big event to get everyone ready to celebrate!

Same Day Editing

Want to relive you big moment at the reception? We can film and produce your video on the spot to premiere your film that same night.


Hard Copies

Want to ensure your video can be watched on “legacy” systems? Let us provide you with a Blu-ray or DVD of your film.

Drone Coverage

Want to truly appreciate the scale and scope of your big day? Nothing does it better than overhead footage showing a full, active venue all buzzing for you!

Documentary Edit

We’ll edit your wedding ceremony and reception, cutting between camera angles and mixing the audio – creating a professional and chronological video.

Raw Footage

A hard drive full of ALL of the unedited footage we captured on your wedding day. 500GB hard drive included.

Audio & DJ Integration

Want to get the best audio of the toasts? Let us work with your DJ and venue to capture the house audio to integrate into your film.

How do we reserve our wedding date?

Contact us with the form below including your information, wedding date and venue and we’ll send you a proposal you can accept and sign. A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to book for you wedding day. The remaining balance is due 1 week prior to your event.

How are we different from other wedding videography companies?

First: The biggest difference between Pearl City Media and other Iowa wedding videography companies is that we are ALL IN. This means we don’t have a million add-ons that you can add to your package to make your wedding film more beautiful. We simply come with all our wedding cinematography tools to make sure we capture your wedding in the best possible and creative way. This means that we may use a drone or steadicam for establishing shots without requiring you to add it into your package.

Second: We use and embrace audio! We LOVE when couples write their own vows, write love letters to each other, the officiant says something profound, or there are personal speeches at the wedding reception. We are able to use all the amazing audio from your wedding day to help craft your wedding film.

Third: Editing. The editing plays just as important part in your wedding film as the actual filming does. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to have the skills to shoot, white balance, and compose shots properly, but the ability to craft a story from your wedding day footage is a skill in and of itself.

You are hiring Pearl City Media to tell your wedding story and to do it in a way no one else can or even will. We carefully craft your wedding film using the perfect shots, the perfect narrative, and the perfect music track. At the end, we are humbled when we can create a film that brings tears to yours eyes; in awe of the preserved priceless memories.

What type of equipment do you use?

When you invest in Pearl City Media for your wedding videography – you deserve the best! As a true wedding cinematography company, we have invested in professional grade cameras and lenses that give your wedding a more cinematic and Hollywood look. More specifically, we use Canon because, well, it’s Canon. We also use professional grade audio equipment, stabilizers, sliders, monopods and tripods. Lighting equipment is used as well to capture your event in the best possible light while keeping your wedding mood! We’ve invested over $30,000 in our equipment, so you know we’ve made a serious commitment to capturing your big day.

We don’t want a production made of our wedding. How are you able to capture all those beautiful moments?

We need to be hon­est with you. We are a lit­tle bit self­ish regard­ing our motives for NOT mak­ing your wed­ding day a “pro­duc­tion” either. We sim­ply can not afford for you or your guests to notice us. So relax. Wed­ding films, if cho­sen cor­rectly, are the best invest­ment you can make in your wedding. We don’t set up shots, and we don’t have cam­eras in anyone’s face. We cer­tainly don’t con­duct cheesy table interviews. We try to capture the “gen­uine” moments that occur naturally.

May I choose my own music for the video?

Yes and No. For both creative and legal reasons, we have full control over the music selection for your film. Not only do we have a better perspective on the ‘flow’ of your wedding day, we also utilize properly licensed music. However, feel free to send us a few tracks. They will inspire us with our music selection.

Do I get to see ALL of the footage that you captured?

Not by default. The morning preparations, first look, garter/bouquet tosses, cake-cutting, and party dancing are filmed subjectively for creativity, not for entire coverage. The parts of the day that are filmed entirely are the ceremony, formal dances and any toasts. These, in their entirety, are included in the Documentary Edits (Documentary Edits are offered as an add-on to our base package). However, feel free to add on “RAW footage” into your package. We’ll give you a hard drive full of ALL of the footage we captured on your wedding day. Unedited.

Are we able to view our wedding film online?


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